The galleries below present a retrospective of my work spanning more than a decade, and demonstrate the evolution of philosophy, technique, and inspiration that defined the various eras of my painting career.


These works are from my love affair with abstract painting. They are indicative of a time in which I felt something valid yet undefinable to say.


Centuries old concept redone in abstract form. Some are free standing, some are table size and some are wall pieces.


Throughout my career as a painter, I have been influenced by the complex relationship between humans and the landscape, be it a benign or bellicose one.


The use of the stretcher as the surface upon which the painted image appears is unique in my work. For centuries, the stretcher has been an unseen support, used to form the framework behind the canvas. In making use of the stretcher, traditionally the bare bones of the painted image, as the surface of my paintings, I have made the wooden stretcher worthy of our consideration.

Manifest Destiny

These paintings are result of my March 2008 trip to Arizona. Some of these works include trucks, and like the dinosaurs of the 20th century—coming out of nowhere, they threaten by their size alone, only to disappear into the distance. Ultimately, nature prevails.


I subscribe to the idea that art should be incorporated in everyday objects. Each box is an original, miniature painting.